5 Financial Questions with Financial Advisor, Wendy Cundari

5 Financial Questions with Financial Advisor, Wendy Cundari

April 08, 2024

When it comes to your finances, you want to work with and learn from people you can collaborate with. Wendy Cundari, a Financial Advisor with Suncoast Investment Services located at Suncoast Credit Union, has earned the respect of her clients, her coworkers, and the industry.

Her abilities led to Wendy being named one of the “Women of Distinction*” – a recognition that honors female financial representatives for superior performance and extraordinary efforts in promoting financial security.

The Women of Distinction recognition is presented by TruStageTM to top female candidates based on annual performance metrics, best practices, and quality of service to clients.

For being recognized among the Women of Distinction, Cundari will participate in a national program where she will have the opportunity to mentor peer financial representatives and to develop resources for females who are new to the industry.

Check out our 5 financial questions with Wendy below to learn from her expertise:

What would you tell someone who wants to save for the future but doesn’t know where to start?
Getting started is always the challenge - how much can I afford and can I stay the course. If your company offers a 401k, especially if they match, that is the best place to start. It is free money and just getting the discipline down with consistency, regardless of the dollar amount, can yield positive results over the long term.    

What qualities should people look for in a financial advisor?
The most important, I believe, is the feeling of value. It is all about the relationship and how they feel with the financial professional sitting with them. Are they really listening to what I need and want as far as my objectives with my money, and my goals.

How can people help protect themselves from fraud?
Make sure you go with a reputable financial professional and a firm that is well-regarded. A sizable firm, and/or one who partners with a credit union, I find typically has a deeper relationship overall with their member base. Because of this, in my opinion, there is another layer of integrity the advisor should be adhering to with the overall members experience.

Also, members should be utilizing their financial professional, especially if they are questioning an outside opportunity or are approached with one.  I have always encouraged my members to call me first and thankfully they have felt comfortable doing so.

What are you most proud of in your career?
When members who have worked with me for years, don’t have to go back to work after they retire (or if already in retirement when we met), unless they choose to. Another very big compliment I feel is when my members refer their friends and family members. It reinforces that they are happy with my service to them over the years.  

What is your favorite part of your job?
The ability to come up with strategies and the conversations we have to get there. Sometimes members need help identifying what their objectives or what they want retirement to look like. Or if at a different stage or situation, then identifying that need and then a plan. So, building long lasting relationships as a financial partner and friend.

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*Members of Women of Distinction 2024 were recognized by TruStage, for networking and mentorship opportunities. Based on experience, GDC, performance with their investment program, and contributions to the industry